Needs a Haircut :o
Saturday, January 16, 2010

I'm dropping a lot of hair... :(
Everyone says it's because I have long hair (?) so it's normal. But I don't think it's normal because it's really really really a lot!!!! I'm balding :(

I think I need a haircut. I'm thinking of cutting straight cut o,o no more layered. Kinda bored with my this hair already :/

I want to grow more hair!!!!

Thursday, January 14, 2010

No inspirations to blog. Or rather, 'lazy' is the more precise word ;)

Brief update:

  • Having midterms starting next week
  • Got praised by english teacher today ^^ "That was good Leeling! Keep up the good work" Yea I've mentioned before that I hate english class the most, because it was my worst subject so I'm really happy right now :D WINWIN!!
  • Why does people think that I like that person just because I talk to that person?! Ugh, grow up!
  • Hurt my knee really bad from snowboarding. It's been hurting for 2 weeks now :(
  • Did voluntary work and am pleased with myself. WINWIN!! ^^
  • Christmas week + New Years was awesome. Pictures on facebook, but I untagged most of my pictures because it was a bit.. er, lol.
  • Need more sleep! Eventhough I sleep at like 10pm.

Random pix
Saturday, December 26, 2009

She's Malaysian!!!!

Been really lazy to blog -.- Anyway, all Touch of Class pictures are on Facebook if any of you wanna see it. It's an event organized by the Student Council and everyone has to dress up formally to school :) It's really fun. I woke up at like 5.45am -.- Went to Heena's house at 7am lol eventhough I was suppose to go there at 6.30am :O Then Grace, she slept over at Heena's, helped to curl my hair + makeup :) She's so good at it.

We kept er.. stalling? Lol we planned to go to school at 7.40am! Then we're all so slow -.- we only went to school at 8.30am LOL sigh. Still, it was fun.

Chicken Rendang! Made from Malaysia leh, not bad right.

MILO! But it's damn freaking expensive -.-

These crackers are from Malaysia too 8D

Picture of Angela after school :)

Bio lab. You can't really see but there's chicken liver in it lol.

Emily's notes

Playing bullshit @ UOA hub!

After 1st snowboarding lesson :)
Me, Angela, Heena

Heena gave me these stickers of DBSK, Big Bang and Super Junior!


Monday, November 30, 2009



Volunteered at this festival called Festival of Trees! Yea at first I was huh, trees? Then after going there only I understand that it's christmas trees lol. It was so fun! The first day I was doing Christmas Wears. It's like putting on glue on the hat, then sprinkle glitters on it so it's all glittery and pretty :P Time passed by quickly, the 4 hours seemed really short. I could go on doing 8 hours! LOL. Yea but that was only the first day..

Place I work on the 1st day! :D

The second day, oh god it was so boring. So the second day I'm working at Secret Shop. Basically only children are allowed to enter and no adults! Our job is to guide these children so that they don't overspend and help them. Okay it wasn't that bad, except we weren't allowed to have breaks, which we did yesterday! I was very hungry and tired :(

Second day!

So many candies :O

Decorations there! :) So pretty right.

It snowed the whole day today. Holy crap :O It's like 20cm snow outside now. Heena and I waited for like 50minutes for the bus to come!!!! Idiot bus. One came, but it was so full that we couldn't get on it. It's freezing outside ok :( My fingers were totally numb eventhough I wore gloves and HEENA!! She was still texting with bare hands-.- Another bus came like 15 minutes later? Lol I was so happy when it came.

And when I stepped out of the bus, holy crap :O The snow covered my whole foot lol. It's so thick! My boots aren't that good... It's really warm cause it's uggs right but then the snow melts and it seeps through my boots and it gets wet... so it's cold -_-

My daddy!

Okay, just went to shovel the snow lol. My pants are wet now :( It's all because I saw this big pile of snow and I jumped in it LOL. It was till my knee okay. Then the snow was so soft and nice I just lied down it LOL. Geez I didn't thought that the snow will go in my pants.

The picture is originally like that ok lol. The sky is that colour :o Ya it's not dark like black, it's like.. bright. LOL! There's a difference in the sky colour when it snow and when it doesn't. When it snows, the sky is brighter and when it doesn't, it's darker. Weird eh?

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

I'm speechless.

Forgive and forget! I don't mind forgetting, but.. forgiving, hm. Probably in years to come, I'll laugh about it :)


G4's over. I had fun :) It was nice knowing new people, nice laughing away when everyone else are all stressed up. I think we did a good job heh. So proud of us HAHA. Suddenly after G4, I totally lost track of everything in class. Holy crap.

I really feel useless in English class. I don't know if it's because my partner, Helena, is really really good. But then I feel like I'm always not helping her, she's doing everything. Then I try to cheer myself up because I know some student's english that are worse than mine yet they're still in IB hehe. If they can do it, why can't I? Sighs.

I'm starting to volunteer at this Music Academy next week! :) I passed the interview HAHAH. For once, I did something great o.o I don't know, I guess it's cause I'm interested in this. The YMCA thing, I totally didn't want to do it lol the interview turned out to be a disaster. I'm so lucky I didn't get in YMCA, anyway I don't think they want me either. So, for the Music Academy I'll be helping out with small kids! Teaching them piano :p Sounds exciting woohoo.

I miss playing RO
Friday, November 20, 2009

If you never played RO, you won't understand how I feel.

I MISS RO :( It's the first game I've ever played. My bro introduced this game when I was only 10 years old? I was so noob at, but it didn't matter. I made great friends there, I still have them on my msn list! Only 2 of them are friends with me on Facebook lol. I loved my guild, I remember feeling so sad because I can't play RO anymore. I remember gaving my Acolyte account to my guild member, I wonder what happened to it. I still remember my ign! "Evil Angel", lmao what a name, I was 10yo remember. Stupid Malaysian server made it a pay-to-play game since it was so famous. Sigh, good times. I remembered my bro and I playing RO till the bill was RM300 (noob TMnet at that time what). I remember it was SO laggy, yet we can still play like nothing is wrong.

So since it's p2p, I continued playing private servers with Elena (not the one from WMS-.-). BerserkerRO is the BEST private server ever. Everyone is so friendly there :/ Since it's a small server, we knew everyone.

Hahaha I'm downloading all RO's bgm again :D. Sigh, it makes me feel like playing games. I've not touch any online games since January. Must be some record, since I've played games for half of my life -_- Nowadays, I'm really bored. There's really nothing much to do except surfing people's blog, facebook, talking on msn... I kinda miss the times where I'd immediately finish all my homework just so I can come online and play. Now I'm just procrastinating.. nothing to look forward to. Lmao. Thinking about this, it's been 6 years? Omgosh.

RO is the best game ever. They have the best BGM too. I even burned a CD that has all RO songs but I left it in Malaysia. Sigh, I miss RO a lot.

IB Group IV Project
Thursday, November 19, 2009

We're doing this science project called Group IV (language is group I, history is group II etc) So we have 2 days to finish designing our own lab and present it to teachers. They just gave us the title "Clean Water for Everyone" which is soo broad there's so many ideas! Yesterday got together with group members (Veeda, Roland, Tony, Sarthak, Rabia and I) to brainstorm about what we're doing.

I didn't contribute much, oops. I only add in some comments occasionally LOL. I have nothing!! Nothing at all :( I have nothing to bring too, no colour pens no cardboard, nothing! Sadsadsadsad, I just moved here I don't have these stuffs lol.

I actually like my group, they're so funny. I know there are some groups that are having a hard time communicating and some of them got furious. Our group did pretty good, we finished it today at 4pm? Then we're suppose to take a group picture but Veeda left without telling us. -_- So we did the self evaluation thing together, even though we're not suppose to LOL. Basically we have to give credits to other members, how did they perform blablabla. The highest mark awarded is 6, and we wanted to give everyone 6! Cause we like each other so much HAHAHA but that's impossible cause the teachers will probably screw us.

Then, Roland told me he's Malaysian too LOL. But he's born here. Actually I wanted to ask if he's Malaysian cause his last name is Yong, but I thought ah nevermind so I didn't ask.

Went to check out Snow Valley on Sunday with dad. OMGOSH SO DAMN COOL :O I WANT TO LEARN SNOWBOARDING ASAP. & yea, they made the snow. It hasn't snow, yet! It's gonna snow sooon :D The sky wasn't that dark it's just my phone camera psh.

the girl next door

Leeling ;)
Hello, I love the blue sky. Looking at it makes me happy.

scream out loud

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